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Owning a pool can be a large undertaking! With all of the accessories available for a more personalized feel, to general maintenance and upkeep, it can be a lot to handle. Put your trust in the capable hands of the professionals at Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC! We give you the useful knowledge and tips needed for maintaining and enjoying your pool to its fullest capabilities.

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LED Lights

Choosing to add LED lights to your pool is the perfect way to bring ambiance and style to your backyard! Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC carries many types of above ground and underwater lighting accessories perfect for any pool. We offer colored and multi-colored lights sure to brighten up any party! We also offer crystal clear LED lighting with low-voltage options and personal controllers!

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Pool Heater

Pool Heaters

Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC offers several options for anyone looking to have a heated pool. Heated pools are a great option for individuals and families looking to have a temperature controlled pool for easy and comfortable enjoyment. Deciding how to heat your pool can be challenging, but we are here to help! Our knowledgeable and pool certified staff will discuss and explain the benefits of each method, helping you decide which one is best for you.

From heat pumps and solar panels to solar pills and blankets, the experts at Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC are here to help you make the right decision!

Man testing pool water

General Service

Maintaining the health of your pool is extremely important! Alkalinity, pH, chlorine, and everything in between are crucial components to a fully functioning pool for the whole family. Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC offers maintenance to help optimize levels for enhanced enjoyment!

Clean water and balanced chemistry are the keys to a healthy pool. Shock treatments, pH testing, and adding chlorine are just some of the maintenance tasks to be completed weekly when owning a pool. Adding chemicals is also a very important part of owning a pool. However, if done incorrectly, these chemicals can be dangerous to both humans and animals. Let us take the worry away! We will gladly provide weekly maintenance for all pool chemical needs.

Aside from proper chemicals and water levels, we will also keep your pool crystal clear and swim ready!

Leave it to the experts! We will help develop a weekly routine so your pool is always ready to go. Call us today!


When owning an above ground pool, it is important to keep in mind the pool liner. Rips and tears can hinder water levels, develop ugly bumps, and give your pool an overall diminished appearance. Stop into Crystal Clear Pool Service LLC today and choose from our vast selection of pool liners! We offer a variety of sizes and styles, enabling you to have a unique look for you and your pool.

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